Recreating the lifestyle of the people round him into his paintings and performances is

 a beloved passion he cherishes very greatly. He tells his stories by the use of vivid colors and other interesting materials to force his messages into the emotions of art lover’s, thereby trying to catch their eyes and attention to bring them to their senses.

The artist Nii Amasah Abifao in his exhibition tries to bring the hope and aspirations of the ordinary man, woman child and family life with the belief that one can dream; even dream bigger and look forward to experience it.

He tells his stories from major facet of his locality Osu, a local township in the capital city of Ghana Accra. We discover great scenes like the beach where impatient fish traders wait for the fisher folks to bring to shore their catch. We also catch a glimpse of the township to discover the heartbeat of the people and what makes them proud to be indigenes of the area. His story telling then jumps to the very colorful settings of the markets scattered around the vicinity, where the traders feverishly tries sell their stuffs and wait patiently for those who can spot them to buy their goods. Also Nii Amasah briefly touched on the colorful side of the people on the street, relaxation or past times in their joyful moods and quite times.

Nii Amasah also boldly hit on the emotional chords of the esteem fashion sense of the man and woman, they tell quite a significant amount of stories of how one uses fashion to elevate his status thereby telling the world of their Ghanaian identity and make their present and future aspirations known. He present an unseen fashion runway where creative and fashionable people like come to display their ‘wear”, just like an African market place or in a democratic parliament where colors and shapes do the talking and shouting.

The art exhibition catch eyes subtly tells the  world of his conspicuous connection with the old and  present generation, whereby the modern man and woman looks to the forbearers for inspirations while trying to forge ahead with some twist of creativity. One outstanding feature is the use of our esteem local fabrics, which is of sharp decline in use and appreciation, to fulfill the desires of the modern day sharp taste of fashion among the up and coming teeming youth. He still does not hold back in boasting of his African roots; that with the little at our disposal, creativity can bring out the beauty of our society begging to be freed from imaginary captivity to be seen and felt.

It is our great belief and hope that this Art Exhibition will really live up to its lively billing to catch eyes and keep them fixed on the reality and interesting presentation by an enigmatic artist by the name Nii Amasah Abifao.

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