Ghana Association of Visual Artists – GAVA, is the umbrella body of visual artists groups in Ghana. It was formed in 1991 and is recognized by the Government of Ghana through the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. The Association is a member of Ghana Culture Forum, CopyGhana and International Association of Art (IAA). In the year 1990, a group of artists recognizing the need for an artist body that will mobilize all visual artists around the country towards achieving a common objective of promoting the visual arts in Ghana, with the support of the National Commission on Culture came together to form Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA). The motto ‘the ultimate in perfection’ translated in twi ‘adwen asa’ was adopted. These artists included painters, sculptors, ceramists, graphic designers, textile designers, fashion designers and illustrators among others. In 1991, the Association was inaugurated by Dr. Ben Abdallah the then Head of the National Commission on Culture. Branches of the Association were to be formed in all then, ten regions of Ghana.

Ghana Association of Visual Artists – GAVA

  1. To stimulate national interest and appreciation of the Visual Arts.

  2. To foster creativity amongst Ghanaians.

  3. To assist and encourage the training of visual artists.

  4. To develop, preserve and promote visual artists.

  5. To co-operate with all national and international visual art bodies and organizations in the promotion of Visual Arts.

  6. To act as the central advisory body to the Ghana National Commission on Culture on all matters relating to Visual Arts.

  7. To provide a clearing house for creative, social and economic exchanges and also a focus for co-operation amongst visual artists.

Under the National leadership of Dr. Emmanuel Christian Nyarkoh (President), Mr. Ernest Bediako Owusu (Vice Chairman), (Mr.) Dr. Yao Dzamefe ( General Secretary), Mr. Harry Sammy Cudjoe Fancey ( Deputy Gen. Secretary), Mrs. Olivia Glime (National Treasurer) and Mr. Mark Gyebi Nyante ( Financial Secretary), the Association begun its work towards achieving its objectives, whiles facilitating the formation of Regional branches across the country. Hence other regional branches were formed. A few years later, due to ill health and other factors of the majority of the pioneering National Executive members, the mantle of National leadership was handed over to the Greater Accra Executive, by the General Secretary, Mr. (Dr.) Yao Dzamefe in consultation with the other Executive members. The then GAVA Greater Executives was led by Nana Otuo Owoahene Acheampong. Their additional mandate and responsibility was to mobilize visual artists across the Regions of Ghana, form Regional/District branches and organize Congress. The other Executive Committee members included, Ofei Dako (Vice President) deceased, Lawrence Kwaku Agyeman ( General Secretary), Betty Acquah (Treasuer), Aubrey Seth-Attoh (Organizer) and Rev. Kizito Amarh Amartey ( Executive Member – Research) Currently, four Regions including Central, Eastern, Ashanti and Greater Accra have been revived and branches in their respective districts, have been formed with their executives elected. ln the not too distant future, Congress shall be organised as other Regional branches are revived.