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It is a great delight to welcome you to the website of Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA). This platform has been created to promote the Association’s agenda of stimulating national interest and appreciation of visual art.
Sustainability of the Association can be attributed to the solid foundation laid by the founding members, and upon which the current members are feverishly building on. Fully recognizing the great contributions of our forebears in the Association’s standing, the current membership are also not resting on their oars in ensuring that it obtains full national recognition and that visual art becomes recognized and positioned as a key element in the Creative lndustry space.
Current technological interventions require compliance by the Association in ensuring that it has a strong presence and visibility in the social media, to enhance its efforts in promoting its objectives. To that end, this website has been created. As we progress, more information and features shall be added where necessary.
It is my hope that this platform shall serve its purpose for which it has been created, as we seek to promote Ghana Association of Visual Artists and its activities.
You are welcome to surf the pages.

Nana Otuo Owoahene Acheampong...