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This world is but a canvas to our imagination”.

Henry David Thoreau

Lawrence kwaku Agyeman’s motivation to explore his God-given, artistic potential to the highest limit, is premised on the conviction that potential is limitless, but until one boldly attempts to explore and unearth it, it will lie deep, untapped and dormant within him. He believes our natural environment holds a great store of beauty for our enjoyment and stimulating experience for artistic discourse and indulgence. This he believes must be explored with passion.


In his cyclical, periods of experimentation as a painter, he had observed the beauty of the natural, untainted environment and had sought to artistically ‘redefine’ on canvas or on any appropriate support. ‘Redefinition’ had taken the form of translating perceptions obtained through interaction with the environment, into impressions on canvas or any support, by the application of painting techniques evolved over time, using visual elements, at his disposal. Colours, shapes, values, textures, spaces, lines have been his vehicles for vigorous experimentation, using brushes, pallet knives and improvised painting tools on canvas. Acrylic paints have been most suitable pigments in this pursuit because of their quick-drying quality, coupled with the spontaneity of his painting process. However, he also paints in oils on canvas when inspired by a theme worth exploring.

The results of his experimentations have been uniquely and stylistically painted landscapes, seascapes, abstract paintings, portraits etc. He called these paintings ‘my expressions’ because as he indicates “they artistically articulate the beauty of our natural environment and its people through my eyes”. Through these ‘expressions’, he seeks to draw attention to the essence of appreciating, indulging and living consciously with art. He hopes to use his paintings to help people to keep the essence of appreciation and indulging in art, in the sharp focus of their lenses.

Kwaku Agyeman was trained at Ghanatta College of Art in Accra after completing Kumasi Anglican Secondary School. He graduated in 1989 and immediately got employed as an artist in an Advertising Agency. After a five-year working stint, he resigned and went into full time painting, whiles Graphic designing commercially on part time basis.

In the year 2000, he was invited to teach Figure drawing and Abstract Painting in his alma mata – Ghanatta College and taught until 2015. During this period, he helped train many young Ghanaian artists who have moved on to excel in their careers. He has also trained many people privately including expatriates who are all excelling.

He is currently the General Secretary of Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA), and has been instrumental in many feats chalked by the Association. Kwaku Agyeman’s passion for personal growth has seen him obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (BBA) from Methodist University College, Ghana; graduating in 2009 and currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration on-line at the University of Liverpool. He also has a passion for writing and is currently working on two books due to be launched soon.


  • Golden Tulip, Accra – 2016

  • EXPRESSIONS’, Group exhibition – Nubuke Foundation, Accra – 2016

  • GATA Group Art Exhibition, Novotel Hotel, Accra – 2015

  • GAVA Regeneration Art Exhibition, Centre for National Culture – 2014

  • GAVA Month’ Group Art Exhibition, National Museum – 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2013

  • NAFAC, Tamale, Ghana – 2010

  • FREE EXPRESSIONS GROUP ART EXHIBITION’ 1and 2, Herschell Gallery, Accra – 2006, 2008

  • GAVA Month’ Group Art Exhibition, Dei Centre, Accra – 2002

  • STYLISTIC ANALYSIS’, Solo exhibition, Ahema Gallery, Accra – 2001

  • Unknown Artists exhibition, Centre for National Culture, Accra – 1999

  • PANAFEST (Art Exhibition) – Cape Coast, Ghana – 1998

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